The Passage of the 2024 National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA) by the US Congress marked a Significant Milestone for the Republic of Somaliland

The National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA) 2024 benchmarks, recently established and passed by the US Congress, hold significant potential for Somaliland’s future. For this reason, the United States must take immediate action by engaging directly with the Somaliland government. Now is the time to demonstrate bold leadership in supporting a threatened democracy.

The passage of the 2024 National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA) by the US Congress marked a pivotal moment for the Republic of Somaliland. Embedded within its provisions are key benchmarks that offer Somaliland a clear roadmap for progress and recognition on the international stage. These benchmarks, spanning areas like security cooperation and democratic governance, signal a welcome commitment from the US to support Somaliland’s aspirations for self-determination and stability.

NDAA 2024’s inclusion of benchmarks for Somaliland is a promising development, holding the potential to unlock significant benefits for the nation. Among these benchmarks are provisions for enhanced security cooperation, paving the way for strengthened counterterrorism efforts and improved regional stability.

Additionally, the Act’s focus on democratic governance offers Somaliland a valuable framework for consolidating its nascent democracy and fostering greater transparency and accountability.

We anticipate that 2024 could be a pivotal year based on ongoing communication. However, in my opinion, it heavily depends on the US elections. Therefore, the US Congress must act now to ensure that Somaliland can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the NDAA 2024 benchmarks.

While Somaliland has already fulfilled all the benchmarks set by the international democratic community, we have seen protracted delays and a reliance on repeated reports despite this achievement. This only serves to delay the necessary progress. Prolonged procrastination and reliance on unnecessary reports only impede and delay the inevitable progress.

The time has come for the US to take decisive action and show leadership in supporting vulnerable democracies, including Somaliland.
Immediate and direct engagement between the US and Somaliland is critical.

The United States as a global powerhouse must ensure that Somaliland has the opportunity to strengthen its democracy and progress. Recognising that Somaliland has the potential to become a dependable ally, the US should show its commitment to the area by engaging with the Somaliland government. This is a critical step to providing Somaliland with the chance to stabilise and further advance. By doing so, the US will be committing to helping Somaliland reach its fullest potential.

The United States is undeniably a global leader, and its support is essential for maintaining democratic stability, as well as for preserving the United States’ geopolitical and economic interests in the region and beyond. These interests need to be safeguarded in order for the US to remain a powerful and influential nation. No further delays or reports are necessary; it’s time for decisive action.
The US government must take a stand and demonstrate its commitment to the future of Somaliland by engaging with the government directly. It is time for the US to recognise the potential of Somaliland and take action to support its development.

In Conclusion, While the benchmarks outlined in NDAA 2024 present a positive step forward, their true value lies in their implementation and the subsequent actions they inspire. Somaliland has consistently demonstrated its commitment to fulfilling international standards, and now, the onus lies on the US to translate its legislative commitment into tangible support.
Concrete steps like increased diplomatic engagement and development assistance can propel Somaliland along the path outlined by the NDAA benchmarks, ultimately contributing to a more secure and prosperous future for the region.

It is time to stop making excuses and take meaningful action: the United States must recognise Somaliland once again as an independent nation. For too long, the world has overlooked the statehood of Somaliland, a self-governing region in the Horn of Africa since 1991.

The United States has a moral obligation to recognise Somaliland’s independence once again. On June 26th, 1960, Somaliland declared its independence from the British. And Since 1991, Somaliland has established its own distinct cultural identity and developed its own governmental and economic structures. These include a democratically-elected government, its own currency, and an effective judicial system.

It is essential for the US to grant Somaliland a full recognition for its autonomy. Doing so would ensure the stability of the entire region, as well as fulfils the US’ moral obligation. In 1960, the US and 34 other countries recognised Somaliland’s independence.
It is time for the US to once again recognise the autonomy of Somaliland.

By recognising Somaliland’s independence, the US will be honouring its moral obligation to the region. This recognition will also ensure the stability and growth of the region, which in turn will benefit the people of Somaliland and the world. Therefore, it is essential for the US to recognise Somaliland’s independence for the betterment of the region and to uphold its moral obligation.

Recognising Somaliland would not only benefit the United States of America but also the world. It would be advantageous for diplomatic relations in the region and provide an opening for fresh trade possibilities. Moreover, it would supply the US with a useful ally in the struggle against piracy and terrorism

Equally it is important to note that recognising Somaliland as an independent country would be a significant step towards global peace and security. The conflict between Somaliland and Somalia has resulted in bloodshed and instability for decades. Recognising the former’s independence would help bring an end to this conflict and end the suffering of thousands in the region. The time has come for the United States to take decisive action and show leadership in supporting vulnerable democracies, including Somaliland.

Immediate and direct engagement between the US and Somaliland is critical for several reasons:
1. Urgent need for assistance: Somaliland is facing a critical point that requires immediate attention and action from the international community

1. Promoting democracy: The US has a history of promoting democratic values and self-governance in Somaliland, as evidenced by the Somaliland Partnership Act

2. Strategic interests: Somaliland’s location on the Gulf of Aden, a key route linking the Indian Ocean, Suez Canal, and Mediterranean Sea, makes it a strategic partner for the US in addressing concerns over Chinese expansionism in Africa4
3. Shared values: Both the US and Somaliland share the goal of promoting peace, dialogue, and unhindered humanitarian access to Laascaanood

By engaging directly with Somaliland, the US can demonstrate its commitment to supporting vulnerable democracies and contribute to the stability and growth of SOMALILAND and the region. This includes providing assistance, establishing a diplomatic presence, and exploring opportunities for military cooperation

The time for excuses and inaction is over. The United States must take meaningful action and lead the way in recognising Somaliland. This would be beneficial for both the region, the United States, and globally, and would be a step towards global peace and security.

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Ahmed Yasin Mohamed Jama