Ethiopia’s Agreement with Somaliland Pivotal to Africa‘s Security: Ugandan Pan-Africanist

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Ethiopia signed with Somaliland is crucial to the security interest of Africa, Ugandan Pan-Africanist, Richard Job Matua said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Matua said that Ethiopia’s initiative will give Africa impetus to embark on its geostrategic security interest.

The pan-Africanist added that Ethiopia’s military base would contribute its effort for maintaining the security interest of Africa.

The deal also fosters Africa’s path to regional cooperation and integration in many ways, Matua said.

According to him, access to the sea is very important to Ethiopia as it is the fifth largest economy on the continent.

“It (the agreement) by itself is pan-Africanism, spirit of brotherhood, cooperation and integration finally. Therefore, it will lead to economic development in Somaliland and Ethiopia, economic development in Horn of Africa and by extension in the whole continent,” the Ugandan pan-Africanist underscored.

It is to be recalled that the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is one of the instruments that Ethiopia has massive potential to utilize from and ensure mutual economic development and growth with all African countries, he stated.

He further elaborated that “Ethiopia’s establishing a military base will provide power to safeguard geostrategic security interest of Africa. That MoU is very imperative as current day example of African spirit of working together which is integration.”

Ethiopians must rally behind the MoU to ensure that the country gets sea ports peacefully, on win-win approach and shared interests and register another round of great victory for Africa, he elaborated.

Proponents of the field advocate that Ethiopia’s access to sea ports will help the country to exert efforts to maintain peace and security in the Horn region, the Red Sea and beyond, not only for itself, but also for all other neighboring countries.

Ethiopia’s view is always to protect the peace and security of the region and the country contributes not just by words but by deeds and blood.