Welcome To The New Somaliland – Led by the Visionary Muse Bihi

Welcome To The New Somaliland – Led By The Visionary Muse Bihi

The Unique Democracy of Somaliland:

Embracing Independence

As Somaliland emerges as a potential powerhouse with its rich resources and prosperous future, there is a growing

desire for it to establish its own unique democratic system. Despite the lack of international recognition, Somaliland

believes that it should have the freedom to establish relationships with any country it wishes, without having to bow to

outside pressures. With the upcoming development of its oil and gas reserves, Somaliland aims to become a global

leader. This article explores the aspiration of Somaliland to forge its own path, highlighting its pride, resilience, and


Upholding Independence

1. Own Democracy System: As an unrecognized nation, Somaliland has the opportunity to establish a

democracy tailored to its specific needs and aspirations. This unique system can reflect the values, culture,

and desires of the Somaliland people, ensuring their voices are heard.

2. Sovereign Relationships: Somaliland asserts its right to form relationships with any country it chooses, free

from external interference. This independence allows Somaliland to explore partnerships based on its best

interests, fostering its growth and development.

3. Economic Potential: The discovery of oil and gas reserves fuels the optimism for Somaliland’s economic

future. This potential makes Somaliland an attractive partner for countries across the globe, opening doors

for mutually beneficial trade and investment opportunities.

Cultural Pride and Friendliness

1. Rich Cultural Heritage: Somaliland boasts a poetic tradition and a rich cultural legacy that sets it apart. This

heritage can serve as a source of pride and can contribute to its unique identity as it establishes its path on

the global stage.

2. Friendly Nation: Somaliland prides itself on its reputation as a welcoming and hospitable nation. This friendly

demeanor can further facilitate diplomatic relations and pave the way for mutually beneficial engagements.


As Somaliland looks toward a promising future, it emphasizes the importance of embracing its unique democracy and

independence. By forging its own path, Somaliland can maximize its potential and assert its status as a significant

player on the global stage. With its rich resources, cultural pride, and friendly nature, Somaliland has the opportunity

to establish strong relationships with countries that align with its aspirations and contribute positively to its growth.

Welcome to the New Somaliland 2023, led by the visionary Muse Bihi.

Kasim Abdulkadir

Senior International Defense Research Analyst.