President and the ten political organizations consult on Las Anod issue

The President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi had a consultative meeting the general situation of the country with the heads of the ten political organizations in the country.

The head of state was flanked by his deputy at the meeting that focused and dwelt on the current situation of Las Anod.

The Minister of Internal Affairs Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, gave a long report on the chronological of events that Las Anod had undergone, what has already been done and needs to be done, the status quo etc.

The President thanked and lauded the ten political organizations for having promptly answered to his request for consultative meeting swiftly participated.

They were namely Horseed, Kaah, Ogaal, Rejo, Talo-Wadaag, Mideeye, Waaberi, Barwako, Ilhaac and Sha’abka political organizations.

A presidential statement on the issue stated that the organizations gave their take on the issues and advised the government aptly.

They at the same time pledged their supportive stance, to the hilt, alongside the government as pertains to the defense of the country hence achieving peaceful stability in the areas of concern.

The President expressed his appreciation of the leaders’ sense of patriotism and at the same time thanked them for their contributions on finding ways and means of solutions on the Las Anod issue.