The Somaliland government must take drastic measures to secure peace in Lasanod and throughout the Sool area

The weak federal government of Somalia, especially the Puntland region, the Somali government, who doesn’t even have complete control over their capital Mogadishu, not to mention control over other federal states.

Since the early 1990s, Puntland has always been a problem in the Sool area, but it has recently intensified its senseless and heinous campaign against SOMALILAND. An abhorrent campaign that does not in anyway or form affect the sovereignty or integrity of Somaliland?

I attached two clips here, one is a High ranking Puntland’s Regional Speaker calling for death squads to be sent to the Sool region of Somaliland to murder innocent people in Sool region and another Twitter clip of a minority in the diaspora who bragging about destroying laascaanood and its residents.

As is obvious and clear, it is not someone else who continues to wage a propaganda war and murderous activities at Sool region in SOMALILAND, It’s the people of Puntland as you can see the evidence in these two clips attached here.

However, all federal Somalia and other parts of Somalis elsewhere are equal in their hatred and envy towards the people of SOMALILAND in general.

This begs the question as to why enmity and hostility towards SOMALILAND have intensified ?

They federal government of Somalia, particularly the Puntland region, are furiously irritated now because of the following events that have occurred in SOMALILAND recently..

The following 5 reasons explain why they are twice as angry and hostile to SOMALILAND now.

1. The most important one is the recently passed legislation between the United States and Somaliland, In which, they have done their best to put an end to it and have even given millions of dollars to international legal officials but failed

2. The fact that Puntland of Somalia detests or doesn’t want peace to prevail in the Sool area.

Over the past few years, the people of Lasanod and the surrounding area have decided to keep the peace in the region and have emphasized peace and development in the region.

The people of Lasanood in the Sool area have made tremendous progress in a very short period of time. Indeed, the residents of the Sool region, in particular the city of Lasanod, have made significant progress in all aspects of life.

A Progress that stands out from other parts of SOMALILAND that have maintained peace from the start or the rebirth of SOMALILAND.

3. The fact that these regions are now and finally participating in the national registry process.

4. The fact that people in the Sool regions are now engaged in politics and the very fact that new national organizations from these regions have emerged.

5. The fact that giant oil exploration Genel Company will drill and produce the first oil from SOMALILAND in the New Year.

The aforementioned five points are at the root of the Lascaanod unrest and the suicide murders, that’s for sure.

The Somali government, especially the Puntland regional administration, is attempting to wreak havoc in the Sool region and will do anything, in their opinion, that can undermine and destabilize the Sool region.

There’s no question that all of Sool’s planned murders are being arranged by Garowe on an ongoing basis. Then, shortly after a person has been murdered, they incentivize people in a tribal manner, for example, when a planned murder takes place in the city, then, they swiftly encourage the children to protest.

Somalia, especially Puntland, foolishly believes that SOMALILAND will give up its land if its plans for disruption and volatility continue in the Sool area.

We all know that the leadership of the Puntland region in Somalia, as shown in the video above that I have attached here, always and constantly claims that the Sool region is a part of Puntland for no reason other than tribal identity.

This is the fundamental evidence that all of these heinous activities and planned murders are being organized from Garowe.

The only thing the Somalis have all agreed on today is that they want to create chaos and trouble in SOMALILAND.

especially in the Sool region, one way or another, so that the international community, particularly the U.S., can say that Somaliland has a problem.

The government should do more and take drastic measures to ensure safety in and around Lasanod.

and dealing with the Puntland perpetrators who continually provoke and engage in illegal, immoral and malicious activities in the region.

The entire population of SOMALILAND and the residence of the Sool area have an obligation to maintain and support peace side by side through cooperation with the government.

I recommend to the SOMALILAND authority to clearly state where the problem originates, and then send a message to the international community that this problem in Sool region is coming from Puntland, Somalia.

In addition, the population of Sool and the overall population of SOMALILAND should be aware of the facts.

Furthermore, I recommend that the Somaliland government ensures peace in Buhoodle once and for all Because if there’s no peace in Buuhoodle, there certainly isn’t going to be peace in the whole Sool area.

Once all the measures are implemented, SOMALILAND should do its job: get rid of the troublemakers and ensure peace in the Sool region.