Colonel Tuke, a Somali war criminal detained in the U.S

Thank you, Mr Victor Malarek, for your well articulated 1992 report on Somalia’s war criminal Tuke.  And thank you USA

I believe the evidence and the facts contained in your 1992 report played a pivotal role in the arrest of Colonel Yusuf Abdi Ali, aka “Tukeh” 

While the arrest of Yusuf Abdi Ali TUKEH cannot undo the pain and sorrow he inflicted upon victims of human rights violations, nonetheless, The victims of Somaliland and the whole nation are thrilled with the news that this man is being held accountable for his apparent role in these heinous crimes.

On behalf of the Somaliland nation, we are most grateful and appreciated for the well-articulated story and evidences that you collected and published in 1992 of the three men., Abdi Ali Nur Mohamed, Mohamed Hassan Ismail Farah & Colonel. Yusuf Abdi Ali ‘Tokeh’, accused of brutal treatment, torture, beatings and executions in Somalia. 

We also thank HSI Washington, DC and the United States as a whole for their dedication in protecting law-abiding U.S. residents and the arrest of criminal people who have committed human rights violations. 

Thank you America. God bless 

Ahmed Yasin Mohamed Jama