A few so-called sheikhs in Somaliland

The erroneous interpretation of the Deen by some so-called sheikhs in Somaliland.

I totally disagree with what Sheikh Arab said about Eidal Adha and I will try my best to explain why, with my limited knowledge, and I could be wrong. Please correct me if I’m mistaken.

First of all, I don’t know much about the sheikh or met and don’t know his level of Deen, but what he said this time is a disgrace. What he said is an indication of his Deen’s level.


1- During the pandemic, I recall that all religious leaders in Islamic governments and countries responded in disparate ways to the global outbreak of COVID-19 coronaviruses.

Some groups like ISIS went one step further by asking their supporters not to go or travel to Europe, the epicenter of the disease.

I remember some Sunni sheikhs citing conspiracy theories that blamed Shi’a and atheists for triggering the global pandemic, where other clerics debated whether the outbreak was a divine punishment against non-believers that some would have believed.

However, the majority of Islamic nations have cooperated with governments and offered practical advice to people to prevent contracting the virus.

Some Muslim nations have implemented tougher measures to limit the spread of the virus. They made it mandatory to wear face masks on public transit and closed all cities to non-essential traffic where some nations prohibited travel.

The coronavirus lockdown became the first point I discussed with them specifically.

Surprisingly, they don’t believe lockdowns are necessary, even when there are thousands of fatalities while also ignoring and turning a blind eye to all the holy sites in Muslim countries, including Mecca and Madina, which were taken out of service or closed at the height of the pandemic.


Turkey refused to accept the virus’s existence, let alone impose quarantines as recommended by health professionals and opposition politicians.
In April 2019, Turkey’s number of confirmed cases was – 82,329 surpassed neighboring Iran’s. At the beginning of May, Turkey was among the eight most infected nations in the world.

Second POINT.

“Impurity was permitted and religion banned”. What a sad and absurd statement to make”. I would have agreed if he had said there are fewer houses where a mix of people come together to chew the thing, but to the point that lewdness and profanity are permitted and religion is forbidden is not just a white lie, but is also a conspiracy.

In every Muslim country, most people are good practicing Muslims and of course there are a minority of people who are not good Muslims, the good news in SOMALILAND, which I know and have witnessed on many occasions during my time in Somaliland.

is that these homes do not survive very long, because of the pressures of society, the surrounding houses or any other person that does not accept this type of assembly or gathering, but the claim and the assertion that religion was forbidden is a lie and a sin that can lead people to imprisonment.

If we do not pay attention to those so-called sheikhs who do not have adequate knowledge of Deen, they can cause inconvenience and trouble in the country.


What he said about SNM is utterly disgraceful. This is what many of them believe.

Let me tell you one thing, there are so many so-called sheikhs that are extremely dangerous, likes of Aden Sunne type in the country.

I don’t know that guy Sheikh Carab but what he said is not new to me, it’s what many of them believe. I live in the country and I meet with them on a regular basis to talk about pretty much everything. Trust me, these guys are real dangerous.

This kind of statement of the so-called sheikhs on Friday and the Eid congregations can really cause trouble in the country.

We must be cautious with these kinds of statements. This is inappropriate. These declarations, which propagate falsehood and commotion, will undermine the country’s peace and stability.

Statements like this help and reassure the enemies of Somaliland, especially Al-Shabab.

The government should keep under surveillance to these kind of sheikhs as they have affiliates and groups across the country.

They do not believe in the Constitution; they despise and under-value our system of government, our flag and our country.

They are determined to bring down Somaliland and take over on the pretext of protecting Islam.

The only reason they propagate lies is to create Fitna and upheaval in the society so that they cling to power if Somaliland collapses, God forbid.

Somaliland is an Islamic nation in its totality and one could argue that more than 99% of them practice faith, who earns their living in a halal method and the way of the prophet S.A.W and his followers R.A.


The government must be vigilant at the highest level and must stop them before their narrow Wahabi interpretation of Islam contaminates the rest of the country.

Ayasin jama