USA fricaCommand NASTY and immature comment towards SOMALILAND

Regardless of what people think or say about this USA visit to SOMALILAND and their disrespected press release, I personally believe this visit is not only a gigantic visit, but also is an important visit for Somaliland and for the US to follow up earlier visits ( note that Somaliland is not a recognised country aa yet).

This US visit is part of routine efforts to assess Somaliland’s peace, security, stability and it’s developments especially in Berbera and the country as a whole

One statement from one or two people will not in anyway or form change SOMALILAND status

General Townsend and his top delegations are the highest-ranking military officials to visit the Republic of Somaliland since its independence in 1991.

Well done to all SOMALILANDERS who had to courage to show their grievances to the US AFRICOM press release on Twitter for the past 24 hours. Well done to those of you who participated in defending their country on social media, especially on Twitter, I can see that US AFRICOM in the past hour have changed their Somaliland visit wording and released much better statements

Just to educate @USAfricaCommand, Just to educate you, SOMALILAND was an independent country, fully recognised by the international community, in 26 June 1969, including the UN.

On 26 June 1960, the former Protectorate of Somaliland became fully independent from British rule, its independence recognised by 35 countries around the world, including the US.

On 1 July, SOMALILAND and Somalia were joined together, a decision that Somaliland has regretted almost immediately

On 18 May 1991, after a bloody war with Somalia, Somaliland declared and re-established their lost independence cutting of its ties almost immediately to Somalia’s, the Republic of Somaliland have now enjoyed their independence for 31 years

The following are part of some of my tweets to them.

Somaliland is not part of Somalia and never will be. SOMALILAND will not entertain any notions that associate us with the failed state of Somalia as there was no legal binding union agreement signed between Somaliland & Somalia

@USAfricaCommand. While we very much appreciate the USA relations with Somaliland, again
be warned that Somaliland will stop cooperating with USA and will be forced seeking to go other directions if the USA don’t refrain associating Somaliland to the failed state of Somalia. Somaliland is not part of Somalia since 1991 and never will be

Ayasin Jama